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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sunhwa tears up about recognizing the idol perks of her acting career

Article: Han Sunhwa, "I feel apologetic to rookie actors because I got my opportunities easily for being an idol" tears up

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+3,668, -172] At least she has some shame

2. [+3,757, -290] Wow ㅋㅋ when male idols get into acting, everyone's like "our actor this", "our actor that", but a female idol who gets into acting is treated like a b*tch ㅋㅋ such a different reaction compared to when Park Hyungshik or Im Siwan transferred to full time acting

3. [+2,074, -179] At least she knows...

4. [+1,827, -121] She must've gone through a lot of hate... seeing as how she's matured and all now

5. [+1,656, -134] It is what it is so just work hard on showing good acting from now

6. [+410, -31] Han Sunhwa worked super hard back on 'Invincible Youth' to get SECRET's name out there... For all the hate she's been getting for her actress disease, I know that she can succeed as an actress if she keeps her mindset like this

7. [+345, -26] But even becoming an idol is difficult in its own right... it's all up to individual effort

8. [+275, -18] Becoming an idol wasn't even an easy feat for her either... her agency had no power and before SECRET was known as Jun Hyosung's group, it was Sunhwa who was the breadwinner... The only sad part about all this is the discord in the group..

9. [+261, -31] It's good to see that she has some shame about it at least. I enjoyed her last drama and noticed that her acting became a lot more natural.



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