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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kim Tae Hee makes first public appearance since wedding + pregnancy

Article: '15 weeks pregnant' Kim Tae Hee makes first public appearance since marriage

Source: TV Daily via Daum

1. [+1,161, -161] They dated for 5 years and only got pregnant after getting married... a couple that truly goes by the books. I really like that they're proper about everything.

2. [+791, -78] Wow, she's looking even prettier. Please have a happy life and make the public happy too.

3. [+768, -87] A baby between Kim Tae Hee and Rain is sure to become a world star. Have a healthy birth~ ^^

4. [+306, -42] Your stomach normally doesn't show that much at four weeks but the baby must be growing up healthy and strong~

5. [+252, -34] It's so clear that her smile is one of genuine happiness. Have a happy family~

6. [+224, -49] She's looking even prettier after getting married

7. [+197, -48] Her stomach's showing a lot for only being 15 weeks..

8. [+192, -89] Happiness usually shows clearly on a woman's face after marriage. Lee Min Jung always looks so uncomfortable while you can tell Park Soo Jin is completely satisfied. Not too sure about Kim Tae Hee.

9. [+68, -24] Can't wait to see what her daughter would look like since she's one of the best beauties of our time~ ^^

10. [+63, -21] She's put on a bit of weight, it looks really good



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