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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

iKON suffers poor performance on the charts, what's to blame?

Article: iKON struggles on the charts again... unexpected from 'digital powerhouse YG'

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+1,431, -162] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The journalist attacking with the facts

2. [+1,139, -123] Very accurate analysis by the journalist

3. [+991, -150] If your song is good, even singers like MC Mong will win #1. Fact is, iKON's song sucks.

4. [+990, -193] Honestly, iKON's song sucks to the point where if they didn't have YG's name under them, it would've fallen off the charts already.

5. [+432, -22] All the iKON fans saying this is troll bait... I've been a fan of iKON since their trainee days and I can prove it if I have to but I honestly think articles like this are good in the long run because it gives a cold, hard look at what's going on. The fact that iKON's music video views are high and they're #1 on iTunes but suffering such poor results on the Korean charts just means that Yang Hyun Suk and YG think absolutely little of their Korean fans. It's a very bad business strategy. The article is completely right. They had a year and a half of positive spotlight they could've used to get their name out there but instead they threw Korea to the backburner and promoted in Japan the whole time. If they thought they could ignore Korea and come back to win trophies again, they severely misunderstood ㅋㅋ why? Because iKON is not Big Bang, and iKON is still a rookie group. How can you expect fans to stay and wait while giving them nothing in return?

6. [+764, -158] Their bubble is bursting, that's all

7. [+408, -40] The article expresses in words what I was thinking while listening to their song. Their poor performance on the charts has more to do with the song being bad moreso than their fandom collapsing. Winner suffered a pretty big fandom collapse as well... I totally agree that the song only has a beat and no melody. The song would've done fine if there was more of a melody during the vocal parts, or at least focus more on the quality of the beats or the lyrics if they wanted the song to be rap-focused.

8. [+421, -50] You can tell by comparison why Winner's 'Really Really' is the best they've done since debut. It's basically a difference in what the public prefers more.

9. [+296, -9] Winner suffered just as big of a fandom collapse as iKON, you can tell by the album sales... Honestly, you can tell what YG was thinking because this whole time they were promoting iKON in Japan with just one album and now that they can't milk it anymore, they throw out two songs as singles in Korea... Too bad the songs suck and they're not even fresh. I had to turn off the music video after a few seconds too. YG really needs to learn from this.

10. [+421, -52] I know this article probably hurts for their fans but you can't deny it... their song is just bad.



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