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Monday, May 1, 2017

Gary fuels suspicions by deleting everything off of his SNS

Article: Gary deletes everything on his SNS... too much attention?

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+932, -32] He'll have a comeback when he runs out of money, just wait

2. [+917, -57] Why did he become a celebrity if he hates attention so much... I'm starting to think all of this is a bit much

3. [+808, -58] He's a horrible person. His friends held in their feelings of disappointment in him and still sent him texts congratulating him and he ignored them.

4. [+88, -0] I really wonder who he married that caused him to go into hiding like this?

5. [+85, -5] Did he marry a man? Or someone that we'll all go into shock if we find out? This is going way too far... I'm sure Dispatch will find out soon enough.

6. [+72, -2] I bet my wrist on the fact that his wife isn't some average person. There has to be a reason that he refuses to show her to anyone and is blocking off the world like this.

7. [+71, -3] Once he runs out of money, he'll call up Yoo Jae Suk like, "Hyungnim, how have you been? I missed you..."

8. [+68, -1] Attention is always annoying when you're popular. We've seen this pattern so often. Celebrities who have money and fame so they get annoyed with the popularity and go into hiding but their lifestyle creeps on them while their income isn't what it used to be so they slowly crawl back out and work to get back to where they were but they usually hit B list and never get any further.

9. [+52, -1] He's actually baiting all this attention by acting like this. If he just acted and lived normally, no one would be caring like this.

10. [+33, -1] Did he have some spiritual marriage to a ghost?



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