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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Chinese fans celebrate Yoona's birthday with 800 million hashtag clicks

Article: "Still China's goddess" Yoona's birthday congratulated by 800 million clicks by Chinese netizens

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+531, -63] This is the power of culture. The government can try to block it all they want but the popular ones will stay popular.

2. [+483, -69] 800 million clicks... wow...

3. [+361, -65] Yoona has always had strong popularity overseas. Happy birthday today

4. [+41, -22] She has the worst body though

5. [+34, -21] Chinese grandma face

6. [+33, -29] SNSD's final boss (please don't come in to write hate comments when it's her birthday)

7. [+32, -26] Yoona, happy birthday today!

8. [+28, -27] Yoona's kind looking smile is what I like about her

9. [+26, -17] This picture shows what she lacks in her looks... She has such pretty eyes but her dark circle-like aegyo sal makes her look unkempt sometimes, and it looks especially bad here. She has a ton of pretty pictures; why choose this one..

10. [+22, -27] Yoona's popularity is real... 800 million clicks, damn..



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