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Monday, April 17, 2017

Hyuna reflects on the past 10 years of her career and the self confidence she's gained

Article: Hyuna, "Now that I'm 10 years into debut, I've realized that there's no need to be embarrassed"

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. [+4,051 -202] She's the absolute best when it comes to managing her image, she's never had any scandals with men despite doing sexy concepts all the time

2. [+3,066, -145] It's not your average feat to go 10 years without any big scandals... A lot of people say that she looks cheap or like a pub girl but those have all been because of looks and concepts, not because she's actually any of those things. Hyuna really is the only one who can have this much power as a solo from an idol group.

3. [+2,831, -120] The key figure in pulling 4minute up by the collars and dragging them up

4. [+2,439, -59] She looks like she'd play hard but she's the complete opposite in personality... of course we'll never know what her actual personality is like but she's an example of being careful not to judge someone by their look

5. [+1,811, -108] Hyuna is professional

6. [+332, -15] To be 10 years into a career at only 26 years old; that's quite amazing

7. [+302, -15] It's really her image to blame, she's been fine all this time without any major scandals. Sad that 4minute disbanded but she's not obligated to put food on the table for her team forever. She matches solo way more than a group anyway~~

8. [+292, -19] She's a celebrity who's 180 degrees different from her image on stage. I've only ever heard good fan accounts of her. She's a professional who works hard on stage but is a total softie off stage, someone who loves animals and all ㅋㅋ

9. [+228, -10] Hyuna was just born to be a celebrity. Made 4minute successful, her solo 'Bubble Pop' was a hit, she makes people fall for her both on reality shows and on stage..

10. [+203, -10] She needs to leave Cube



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