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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sunye barely looks a day older than her WG days in new picture with baby girl

Article: "Still looks like a girl" Sunye, the innocence of a super mom

Source: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+3,037, -50] Time flies so fast, can't believe the kids have grown that much..

2. [+2,533, -63] Damn, hard to believe that's the face of a mom... I'd believe it if you told me she was the unni

3. [+1,976, -27] The older girl is Seo Min Jung's daughter

4. [+1,388, -48] Wow, feels like it was only a few years ago that we heard about Sunye giving birth..

5. [+756, -45] Happy to see~~ ^^ Sunye's pretty and the kids look cute and lovely

6. [+336, -2] The little girl behind them is Seo Min Jung's daughter

7. [+210, -4] Yeah I don't think that older girl is Sunye's daughter

8. [+179, -3] I heard Sunye's pregnant with her second... I wonder if she gave birth already??

9. [+151, -6] She really does look like their unni... time flies

10. [+137, -4] I thought both were her daughters for a second



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