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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sewol Ferry finally pulled up from the waters after three years of debate

Article: Sewol Ferry uncovered after 3 years... part of it pulled up above water

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

1. [+2,757, -137] Park Geun Hye, you will be remembered in history books as the notorious figure who blocked something that takes half a month to pull up for three years

2. [+2,692, -136] Can't believe it only took this long to pull out...... I curse this country's government

3. [+2,235, -89] Park Geun Hye is probably sleeping right now, huh? So all this time, it wasn't that we couldn't pull it out, she just didn't want to. I prayed all night that the people pulling it out were safe. Hopefully the whole thing comes up by morning~~

4. [+85, -5] I can't help but swear at realizing how easy it was to pull it out. This wasn't even in the plans before all of it went underway and now it's already out.

5. [+78, -5] Wow, all those excuses she gave all this time about why we couldn't pull it out when it was this easy all along... It only took this short amount of time and yet she kept all those families waiting by the sea shore. How is this a country...


Source: Naver

1. [+2,497, -38] Let's go home now, kids... and to all the adults who regretfully passed on with them, you've suffered enough.

2. [+1,910, -26] Thank you to everyone who worked all night to pull this out. Find strength.

3. [+1,822, -39] I am so enraged

4. [+1,648, -33] Let's go home now...

5. [+367, -5] It took half a day to pull this up, what exactly has the government been doing for the past two years?

6. [+363, -8] It proves that it wasn't that the government couldn't do it, they didn't want to... Park Geun Hye must be thrown in jail for everything she did to keep Choi Soon Shil's pockets full.



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