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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rain is planning a Hollywood advancement for Kim Tae Hee?

Article: 'Brave Journalists 3' Rain has been seting up meetings for wife Kim Tae Hee's Hollywood advancement

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+406, -15] I'm Kim Tae Hee's fan and know that she's pretty but she still lacks the experience and talent to get into Hollywood...

2. [+344, -27] But she can't even act in Korean..

3. [+293, -20] Her visuals aren't enough for Hollywood, and she's not even at the level where Hollywood would accept her

4. [+25, -0] But her acting ㅠㅠ

5. [+25, -3] But she can't act ㅋㅋ

6. [+22, -0] She's a clear example of bad acting and she's aiming for Hollywood? What a joke

7. [+17, -0] Don't...

8. [+17, -0] Hollywood isn't as obsessed with looks as our industry is, they care only about acting skills. This would never work. Kim Tae Hee's amazingly beautiful but acting is not her forte..

9. [+17, -3] Not with those acting skills

10. [+15, -0] She should focus on having Koreans acknowledge her acting before anything. It's not like she's fluent in English or super tall like the western beauties. She's a pretty face but not the type of face that westerners like.



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