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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Photos of Kim Junsu in army police training revealed

Article: "Attention!" JYJ Kim Junsu spotted in police training

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+645, -86] Looks like his looks were all reliant on make up, hair, and clothes...

2. [+620, -86] I remember when TVXQ first disbanded and the three left, Changmin and Yunho got a ton of hate. Now they're well liked while JYJ has dropped to being hated over their actions. Shows how important your actions are.

3. [+483, -62] He's an ajusshi now...

4. [+46, -23] I don't think he ever had a face to be called a celebrity. He should be grateful SM ever cast him instead of betraying them like that.

5. [+41, -20] He's probably already dreaming of what import car to buy next after he gets discharged... while his hotel staff are wondering what ramen to replace their next meal with...

6. [+34, -17] He looks so average

7. [+33, -18] Not an anti, not a hate comment... but in that first picture, the men to the left and right of him look like they would be more handsome than him even covered up like that...

8. [+30, -6] So damn ugly ㅋㅋㅋㅋ he was the ugliest in TVXQ too~

9. [+30, -7] Shows how important image is for a celebrity... before, I always thought he looked innocent but now I don't feel that at all...

10. [+24, -39] I always find it hilarious when people hate on Junsu for his looks. He did not get famous for his looks, he got famous for his talents. But of course his skills are flawless and people can't find anything to hate about that so they resort to immature tactics like making fun of his face. And to all of you who are always going on about how the two TVXQ members are clean of scandals, how do you know? How do you know if SM's just blocking them all or if their scandals just haven't exploded yet? You never know with the world so keep your mouths shut.



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