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Sunday, March 19, 2017

[Pann] Miscellaneous things idol groups made popular/trendy

Pann: Miscellaneous things idol groups made popular/trendy

1. EXO: school uniforms, one take camera method, burgundy make up, bubble tea, remote controlled light sticks, idol dolls/art exhibits

2. SNSD: colored skinny jeans, jagalchi hair style, long boots, marine look, more members in idol groups, SNSD legs

3. IU: bombers, collared one pieces

4. BtoB: gwiyomi song

5. SHINee: pretty boy concepts, hair bands, cute choreography, skinny jeans for men

6. f(x): tennis skirts

7. Big Bang: high top sneakers, hoodies with robots on them, Lollipop cellphones, 3D light sticks, plastic sunglasses, G-Dragon's 'haengshyo'


1. [+231, -28] I do remember a bunch of kids seeing Sehun drinking bubble tea and everyone buying one to taste what it was like ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and I definitely think of SNSD when I see rainbow pants.. then f(x) with the tennis skirts ㅋㅋ

2. [+223, -20] I have seen a lot more school uniform concepts since EXO came out with 'Growl'

3. [+134, -7] I think EXO-L did a lot in leading fandom culture as well from art exhibits, video showings, fans renting out places for birthday parts, dolls, holographic merchandise, etc etc etc

4. [+92, -1] I like how EXO developed their own planet.. Ever since then, a lot of idols have started developing their own worlds as concepts

5. [+88, -2] Yeah I wouldn't be afraid to credit EXO fans when it comes to fan culture stuff like doll merchandise, art exhibits, name tags, etc

6. [+74, -4] A lot of our current fan culture came from EXO's fandom

7. [+64, -1] I remember the bubble tea ㅋㅋ I remember even hating it back then but I wanted to try to like something that Sehun did so I drank it anyway ㅋㅋ

8. [+60, -3] I thought EXO's one take filming technique was really cool. I was at school when the MV was released and we were all like wow, what is that, that's so cool ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+56, -0] Heard EXO fans were the first to come up with doll clothes too... oh yeah, and SHINee with the pastel skinny jeans!

10. [+35, -4] Seems most of these are from SM... SM is probably the leader when it comes to coming up with concepts

11. [+34, -1] I'm sure adults already knew what bubble tea is but for elementary/middle/high school kids, a lot of them tried it for the first time because Sehun liked it so much. At least among teens, Sehun popularized bubble tea, especially the choco flavor one.

12. [+15, -3] Anyone who doesn't agree with the EXO trends had to have been in elementary school in 2013 because everyone from 5th-6th grade to high school liked EXO back then



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