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Thursday, March 9, 2017

'M! Countdown' unveils 'Produce 101' male season stage for the first time

Article: 'M! Countdown' unveils 'Produce 101' male version... First time 'Nayana' stage

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+665, -47] Our Moon Bok, we'll make sure you get nothing but the best!

2. [+580, -49] I remember when 'Pick Me' first came out, the show got a ton of hate in the comments until the song started creeping up to #1 and #2 on the charts a couple months later ㅋㅋㅋ then it became a national hit and IOI blew up. I'm sure these male trainees knew they were going to start off with hate too.

3. [+466, -44] In Jang Moon Bok we trust

4. [+77, -3] They look better visually than those 'Boy 24' guys or whatever~ they looked so different from their teasers and the actual screen

5. [+70, -4] Can we please all agree to weed out the kids like Jung Chaeyeon who have already debuted and are only on the show for fame before going back to their teams?

6. [+63, -11] The show would be more fun if anyone eliminated had to enlist in the army right now

7. [+61, -4] The winner will be Jang Moon Bok no matter what

8. [+42, -5] Let's get Jang Moon Bok to center no matter what

9. [+30, -4] In center Bok we trust!

10. [+30, -0] Word of advice to these trainees: don't worry about how you look to the public, worry about kissing a$$ with the producers. Your future depends completely on how they choose to edit you or frame your story. The viewers can only vote according to what the producers choose to show us...

11. [+25, -2] I'll vote for Moon Bok even if he takes a sh*t on stage



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