Jun Ji Hyun dresses for luxury at the supermarket with her husband

Article: 'Model force even at the supermarket' Jun Ji Hyun spotted shopping with husband

Source: Donga Ilbo via Nate

1. [+1,707, -85] The saying goes that if you spot a handsome man around Apgujung, you'll usually find Jun Ji Hyun next to him too... Apparently he's handsome like no other...

2. [+1,259, -52] Her husband's super tall

3. [+1,094, -55] You can tell on first glance that they're a rich couple...

4. [+222, -55] It's really off putting that someone as young as her, as rich as her, as influential as her, is wearing a fur jacket in this day and age....... I've never heard of her ever donating to charity and anything either. Does she not know about the amount of sacrifice and pain required to make that jacket?

5. [+219, -39] I like Jun Ji Hyun but that fur jacket is really ruining my image of her...

6. [+215, -44] She's rich, why is she wearing a fur jacket? I wish celebrities would stop wearing it. I hate it when people defend fur as fashion by saying it's the same as slaughtering animals for food...

7. [+206, -43] Can't believe Jun Ji Hyun supports the fur industry... I get that it's your personal choice but it still makes me see her in a new light... Usually when celebrities wear something like this, it causes the item to sell out.. now I'm thinking of all the animals that have to die for this coat to sell out ㅠㅠ

8. [+187, -35] Wearing fur is a personal choice... but she's a celebrity with a lot of influence in the fashion industry, so seeing her wear fur still is... really worrisome ㅠ

9. [+183, -25] 30 animals have to be skinned alive to make that coat... fur is only beautiful when the animal that owns it is wearing it

10. [+171, -46] She's so dumb, does she not realize what age she's living it? Who even wears fur coats around like this anymore? Does she not know how they're made? Ridiculous

11. [+165, -19] Why is it hilarious to me that she wore a fur coat to the supermarket ㅋㅋㅋ

12. [+160, -26] Disgusted by her fur

13. [+111, -41] To all of you criticizing her fur coat... you realize how your goose down jackets are made too, right?

14. [+95, -15] That fur coat... too much, really

15. [+76, -15] Ji Hyun unni has some really bad off camera fashion taste ㅋ