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Friday, February 10, 2017

Jo Kwon responds to reactions to his Beyonce cover stage

Article: Jo Kwon gives statement on his crossdressing stage "No one can judge me"

Source: OSEN via Nate

"No one can judge me. As someone who respects everyone in the world, I prepare a meaningful stage as one person giving it their all. Whether it's as a crossdressing man or a ballader or a powerful male dancer, I'm showing who Jo Kwon is, not just Kkap Kwon or anyone else. I'm not trying to convey that I'm not a drag queen, I'm sure you know that. I think that I'm still lacking in the ability to pull off drag as an artistic form. My job is to sing, not to be a drag queen. But as someone who tries to make so many stars shine, I'm showing you a stage that I fully trust in. I'm sure there are people who don't view it positively but this is who I am. I'm not forcing myself to do something I don't like. I trust myself to know that I enjoy what I do."


1. [+283, -23] To all you youth out there, have any of you put in the effort in your lives that Jo Kwon has? Jo Kwon is one of the few who has had the longest training period out of anyone. The effort, passion, potential, power, patience, will, and thirst for the stage... he represents all of that, and no more and no less. He is someone who knows how to burn himself alive with these traits. He is an icon of effort, and no one should dare to judge him for that.

2. [+174, -15] He is happy with his own life, none of us have any right to say it makes us uncomfortable. People really love to criticize... The only thing that matters is whether you yourself is happy and confident. I support him.

3. [+148, -13] Who cares if he's this or that. I don't really care about all of this because I always liked him as a variety star and enjoy him for his talents in singing and dancing.

4. [+20, -12] So did he admit that he's gay or not??

5. [+19, -13] An indirect confirmation?

6. [+18, -20] So are you gay or not

7. [+17, -6] How does he being gay or not affect any of you? Mind your own business~ I think it's great to see him put so much passion into his work. Worry about your own lives before criticizing others.

8. [+13, -4] He looked so cool!!

9. [+12, -3] He really does seem to have crazy talent on 'Golden Tambourine'~ I've been enjoying him on the show

10. [+10, -12] Everything he's saying is right~ but I don't know~ it still makes me uncomfortable to see



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