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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Gain continues to tease netizens with pictures of mysterious new man

Article: Despite suspicions of whether she broke up with Joo Ji Hoon or not... Gain puts up more pictures of mysterious man

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Nate

"You, waiting for me after ordering my food ♡"

1. [+498, -11] She has become an attention wh*re since hanging out with Sulli

2. [+456, -9] I've been wondering why Gain's been hanging out with Sulli... Does Gain not realize that uploading pictures like this is not respectful at all to Joo Ji Hoon whether they broke up or not? And she's acting so immature for her age too...

3. [+377, -9] Ever since she's been hanging out with Sulli..

4. [+57, -0] I sincerely hope they did break up... he can do so much better

5. [+42, -2] She's obviously doing this on purpose to make Joo Ji Hoon jealous

6. [+38, -0] I don't care whether she hangs out with Sulli or not, doesn't change the fact that she's so ugly

7. [+38, -1] Can she please act her age... It's sad that at her age she's still on stage dancing spread legs in panties and trying to act all sexy

8. [+33, -2] If they did break up, she should wait until news of it breaks out before she puts up pictures like this... she'll get more hate unless she clarifies what's going on

9. [+25, -1] People who act like this are so tacky ㅋㅋ

10. [+21, -1] Joo Ji Hoon could do about 20 million times better

11. [+14, -1] Joo Ji Hoon probably cheated on her so she's putting up these pictures of another man to prove to him that she's still got it ㅋㅋ

12. [+13, -0] Please please break up, they never matched from the beginning



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