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Monday, February 20, 2017

Digital charts discuss changes to chart schedules to prevent fandom domination

Article: [Exclusive] Digital charts to revamp starting the 27th on midnight releases

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

Digital charts will be changing to decrease the amount of 'midnight releases' and promote more noon releases. Previously, in order for songs to make it on the real time charts, they had to be released between midnight and 6 am, which was the prime time for fandoms to stay up and stream songs without competition from public/daytime listeners, thus making it easier to dominate charts. Singers who wanted to make it into the top 100 would usually release songs at midnight. Changes will likely be made to change the chart schedule to 6 pm to accommodate both students getting out of school and workers getting out of work.


1. [+1,908, -40] Just get rid of the real time charts;

2. [+1,443, -13] It'd be better to just go with daily charts instead of real time charts

3. [+1,413, -25] Getting rid of the real time charts would be better

4. [+1,077, -10] I think getting rid of the real time charts would be a better solution to the problem

5. [+1,215, -146] I don't get why this change is necessary. Just because they change the times around, do they think groups like BTS and EXO won't be lined up on the charts the next day just because they released their album at noon? BTS and EXO always dominate the charts for two weeks in the early morning, they need to think of a solution to that instead ㅋㅋㅋ don't hinder other artists from midnight releases with unnecessary changes

6. [+194, -5] Streaming sites in general seem like such a waste of time... It's basically labor work for the kids who have to stream for their favorite singers. I sit by watching and it's just a sad sight.

7. [+183, -2] Get rid of the real time charts...

8. [+166, -3] Fans are also frustrated with the 5 minute, real time charts. Enough with these time changes, just go with the daily chart as the base.



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