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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tzuyu bears resemblance to veteran actress Woo Hee Jin?

Article: 'Taxi' Woo Hee Jin is a Tzuyu lookalike "First time hearing that"

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+904, -19] Woo Hee Jin really was well known for looking like Olivia Hussey. She's still so pretty too.

2. [+767, -17] Woo Hee Jin's so pretty, when she was younger and even now.. so naturally pretty~

3. [+731, -58] They're both pretty but Tzuyu has a South East Asian look to her. Woo Hee Jin's a total doll-like Korean beauty..

4. [+39, -5] Tzuyu is pretty average compared to Woo Hee Jin... Woo Hee Jin was a goddess back in the day. Very classy aura to her.

5. [+39, -9] How dare you compare Tzuyu to her ㅋ Woo Hee Jin's way prettier;;

6. [+28, -3] The younger pictures of Woo Hee Jin look prettier than Tzuyu now...

7. [+26, -5] She looked like Kristen Stewart when she was younger... and she was way more beautiful than Tzuyu. Way more distinctive features.

8. [+26, -5] Tzuyu has dark skin and her beauty drops a bit when she smiles whereas Woo Hee Jin has white skin and she looked fresh when she smiled

9. [+22, -5] Woo Hee Jin's so natural that she ages beautifully too..

10. [+21, -4] Tzuyu has a South East Asian feel, Woo Hee Jin looks like a pretty Korean doll



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