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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New female solo debut I could be the 'second BoA'?

Article: The second BoA predicted... I, the birth of a talented solo singer

Source: Sports World via Naver

1. [+1,613, -73] I've rarely seen anyone who media played themselves as the 'second someone' ever do well... If she's really as talented as BoA, she'll make it in her own right

2. [+1,509, -59] BoA's a wall. I've seen plenty of singers introduce themselves as the second BoA but none of them ever lived up to par. Everyone should just aim for being themselves.

3. [+947, -74] Will we ever see a real second BoA though...

4. [+615, -91] I watched her V app and she's a good singer, I'm excited for her stage~ It's rare to see female solo debuts lately so I wish her luck~

5. [+490, -83] Cha Yoonji fighting ❤

6. [+122, -16] If she's going solo, she's probably talented enough for it... all that matters is how good her song is

7. [+126, -19] She's a good singer and really pretty but please stop with the 'second someone' crap... I is just I

8. [+129, -21] She's a good singer and a good dancer too

9. [+138, -25] Good singer, dancer, and visuals too. She was meant to go solo.

10. [+137, -26] I assure you all that she's a really good dancer and singer. Her visuals are decent too. It's so rare to see solo singers lately so I think it's great.



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