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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Minzy expresses regret over finding out about 2NE1's last song through the media

Article: Gong Minzy, "It's unfortunate that I found out about 2NE1's last digital release through the media"

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+264, -16] She must feel bitter considering 2NE1's a group she's been with from debut for years...

2. [+248, -20] Looks like she doesn't keep in contact with any of the members. They used to be a popular group together, I understand that she must feel upset

3. [+184, -12] Just proves they were nothing more than a business relationship ㅋ

4. [+27, -12] I don't get why it's her business when she left the group ㅋㅋ

5. [+25, -17] Looks like things between her and YG didn't end well. But she's the one who didn't want to renew, it doesn't feel fair for her to be upset over what happens within YG after she joined a new agency. Sure Park Bom was the biggest reason why 2NE1 broke up but she's just as much to blame for leaving too.

6. [+21, -8] She's the one who left the group, what's it to her?

7. [+19, -8] Family~ family~ YG with all their family talk ㅋ but reality is that Yang CEO will only defend the kids who make him money while leaving people like Gummy or quiet ones like her on the backburner until they finally quit on their own. For as much flak as SM gets for being money hungry, neither SM or JYP act as cold as YG does to their artists tsk tsk.

8. [+18, -3] Well you wouldn't talk about work with someone who transferred out of your department...

9. [+13, -7] What's so unfortunate about that? She's the one who left without renewing her contract. Why should they call a member who left on her own to record their goodbye album?

10. [+13, -15] I know that she left because she couldn't do anything with the group but I really don't think letting everyone know about this was necessary



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