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Monday, January 9, 2017

Hollywood: La La Land

Article: 7 crowns at the Golden Globes... why everyone is obsessed with Lalaland

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+1,772, -58] Because the movie's amazing

2. [+1,103, -38] The director was just born to direct...

3. [+727, -26] It's the third time the two leads are working together so their chemistry was especially great. Their long take tap dance was especially good. The ending sequence and OST left a lasting impression on me as well.

4. [+874, -77] The movie's amazing, probably why it's only doing well in Korea
- Well they haven't expanded in America yet, tons of cities where it hasn't been released in theaters, have to wait and see
- Koreans have the best eye for catching good movies
- Some people seem to have the misconception that Lalaland isn't doing as well in America but it's been a highly anticipated film since before its release. Just because it's not in many theaters like Korean movies where it's released nationwide doesn't mean anything. Unless it's a Blockbuster film, America doesn't tend to do nationwide releases.

5. [+699, -82] I honestly thought the beginning was a bit boring but I didn't find it boring at all the second time watching it. Now I can watch it every day without being bored. I'll be watching it for the fourth time tomorrow.

6. [+179, -20] The cinematography is amazing and the timing of the scenes changing is daebak... When they showed what could've happened if the two got married and the way the male lead looked at the woman... just daebak

7. [+136, -8] The movie left a lasting impression on me particularly because of the ending. It's a movie that entertains your eyes and ears and leaves you with a message that touches your heart.

8. [+117, -3] City of stars~

9. [+130, -8] People keep saying that the movie only did well in Korea but there are a lot of countries that it hasn't been released yet. America didn't even get it in more theaters until last week, and France, Italy, and England are still waiting.



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