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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Chanmi reveals her goal is to become more popular than Seolhyun

Article: 'Knowing Bros' AOA Chanmi, "My goal is to become more famous than Seolhyun"

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+711, -31] Seolhyun said that she still divides her income with the members... and this was the year that they got paid for the first time in 3 years. This is probably why girl groups don't end up renewing their contracts. Imagine all your money being split up like that when you're the only one working...

2. [+663, -43] Chanmi seems to have a lot of issues with Seolhyun on the regular;; and Mina looked like she had quite the temper too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was pretty taken aback by their personalities, it would've been better for them to stay off the show

3. [+523, -23] Well that'll be hard

4. [+117, -2] Just give it up. At least you have Seolhyun as a member of your team at all that your team name is known. She even shares her income with you ㅋㅋㅋ just be good to her

5. [+109, -5] After hearing the way Chanmi talked, you could tell that she has a lot of pent up envy towards Seolhyun. You can tell right away.

6. [+107, -1] Seems a lot of their unpopular members are jealous of the others, I doubt this group is going to last long then... Every single word they said seemed to have a thorn of jealousy stuck in it. And they really seemed empty headed too;;;

7. [+91, -1] Chanmi and Hyejung need to manage their facial expressions better ㅋㅋ Seolhyun is so much more popular than them, I bet they act like iljins to her back at their dorm

8. [+80, -1] Is it Chanmi's concept to rag on Seolhyun all the time? She's always dissing her on TV shows. She seems to think she has to drag Seolhyun no matter what to get screentime, which probably pisses Seolhyun off considering she's sharing her income with her.

9. [+76, -2] Disgustingly greedy for someone so untalented. She's making the money she is now with no talent and average visuals thanks to Seolhyun. Sure Seolhyun is just as untalented but at least she has visuals, what does Chanmi have anything going for her? There are truckloads of kids who sing like amateurs on her level.

10. [+71, -2] Yeah that's never going to happen...

11. [+64, -1] I'm watching the episode now and Seolhyun feels so out of place with the group... She was smiling and the members attacked her for putting on a commercial smile and when she tried to place herself at the top, they wouldn't let her go..

12. [+62, -2] Sorry to Chanmi but it's not even Seolhyun she can't beat but any of the other members too.. She should be grateful that she's even a part of this group because her visuals are honestly hopeless every time I see her face. Everyone's pretty except Chanmi (well even Jimin's a bit lacking but she's still prettier than Chanmi...)


Source: Naver

1. [+3,676, -87] It's going to be hard for them, I see miss A's future in them for some reason..

2. [+1,907, -58] Chanmi has the least popularity in the group though.. ㅠㅠ

3. [+1,523, -63] Fighting......

4. [+816, -39] Aigoo......

5. [+596, -15] After all the CFs Seolhyun has shot and she still can't afford to buy her own house... just how much did the agency take from her?

6. [+755, -73] I've noticed this Chanmi kid is always trying to get under Seolhyun's skin, you can tell she just reeks with jealousy... Not a good look

7. [+689, -54] Chanmi always gave off the immature vibes to me. Even during the AOA Project, she always acted so disrespectfully to the unnis. There's a limit to everything but she never knows where the line is and crosses it all the time. If she knows that she brings nothing to the group other than taking the money the unnis make, she should be sorry and work on improving herself. I have no idea what she's thinking with the way she runs her mouth sometimes.

8. [+654, -46] None of them look close to one another

9. [+539, -20] They seem to be going down the miss A path, embroiled in envy and jealousy before eventually disbanding...

10. [+529, -16] Something about watching this made me bitter, there seems to be a wall between Seolhyun and the other members ㅜㅁㅜ

11. [+626, -54] How they're acting is honestly atrocious. Based on visuals alone, they should be grateful to Seolhyun for even making the money they do now because without Seolhyun, AOA would be lower in rank than even groups like Stellar

12. [+547, -30] Chanmi is so cruel... Seolhyun is working so hard shooting all those CFs for them and that's the best she can say?

13. [+515, -20] Seolhyun is literally busting her a$$ to make money for this group and yet the other members are filled with nothing but pure jealousy... what a shame

14. [+490, -13] Choa always used to be the kind of balance and voice of reason in the group but the group is an absolute mess without her

15. [+491, -21] As if you stand a chance? You won't even get anywhere near Choa's level, let alone Seolhyun ㅋㅋ

16. [+481, -22] They kept accusing Seolhyun of fake smiling and then ranked her last for bare face... They're totally jealous of her

17. [+461, -18] I never used to like Seolhyun before but after seeing this episode, I'm starting to feel bad for her

18. [+440, -12] Now I know why AOA will never make it as a girl group. They're all full of jealousy towards one another and are only in it for their own popularities, tsk tsk.

19. [+352, -9] Their personalities really showed in this, and it's not a good look...

20. [+314, -8] Can't imagine how uncomfortable Seolhyun must feel


Article: AOA Mina, "My goal is to meet Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo"

Source: News1 via Nate

1. [+200, -21] I've seriously been so put off by Jimin since 'Radio Star'. She's always acting out, so noisy, so aggressive... it's like someone let loose a fighting rooster in the room

2. [+174, -22] Mina really ruins her image when she opens her mouth...

3. [+160, -29] I first saw AOA on 'Weekly Idol' and I honestly never even noticed Seolhyun because Jung Hyung Don was so obsessed with trying to get Mina more screentime so I figured she was the ace of the group, which made sense since she was the prettiest and had white skin. When she opens her mouth, though, it kinda ruins her image, like she's missing a few IQ points ㅎㅎ Anyway, I always figured she was the main visual but I guess a lot of people thought the same as me... that she's the type that shouldn't open her mouth to talk.

4. [+37, -7] It's so hard to like this group... I still have no idea why they're even popular and who any of them are other than Seolhyun, Choa, and Jimin ㅋㅋ and after watching the episode, their personalities seem really arrogant

5. [+20, -0] This group is a true example showing that those who were meant to make it will make it. Seolhyun and Choa have the best image and best personality out of the entire group... The other members are just full of angry jealousy and seem like fighting roosters let loose in a pen

6. [+16, -2] I think the members themselves know that this group is not going to last much longer with the way they're acting

7. [+9, -0] I remember FNC tried to push Mina at first but the men were still only fixated on Seolhyun at the time


Article: AOA Chanmi, "Seolhyun always has to have a blanket with her, it's dirty"

Source: News 1 via Naver

1. [+321, -5] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She's always trying to put Seolhyun down...

2. [+251, -5] Seolhyun and Jimin got a ton of hate last year, but it seems this year it's going to be Jimin... I don't know what she's like in real life but her image on TV is so off putting...

3. [+236, -8] Why does she keep accusing Seolhyun of fake smiling??? Is she that jealous of her?? What's wrong with her...

4. [+183, -4] She's going to team kill the group

5. [+161, -5] Seolhyun shares her income with you and you still wanna be that mean to her????? Seolhyun-ah, just keep all your money for yourself this year. Stop being so dummy nice... people like Chanmi don't deserve to call themselves teammates or friends.

6. [+85, -1] AOA is just team killing themselves~~~ They're really not going to last long. They have way~~~ too much jealousy;;; I remember another girl group on 'Happy Together' talked about their most popular member saying that they're sure their own chance will come soon... meanwhile AOA is too busy stepping down on their most popular member. AOA, wake up and start working on your team work. You'll end up living like the rest of us on the streets if you split up.

7. [+84, -2] When she's making money off of Seolhyun right now... instead of being grateful, she's sitting there team killing...

8. [+70, -1] I don't even think it's as something lighthearted as team killing, you can tell Chanmi is genuine in her jealousy towards Seolhyun... If she's not, she should stop being so greedy for screentime..

9. [+68, -1] AOA is walking a thin line right now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I understand how the other members must feel with only Seolhyun getting all the popularity but they should be putting in their own effort instead of bringing another member down

10. [+71, -1] You should be defending your own member, not trying to get under their skin and put them down

11. [+62, -1] Why do they diss each other so much

12. [+54, -1] After watching the episode, they're just too hard on Seolhyun, it's crossing a line

13. [+53, -1] AOA gained nothing out of guesting on this episode other than ruining their own image, so hopeless ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

14. [+61, -4] Girl's Day seemed so genuinely happy for Hyeri when Hyeri shot to fame, what's wrong with AOA? I never liked Seolhyun because of her image but she seems to be the dummy nice type in real life... I'll be supporting her from now on.

15. [+47, -2] The entire episode made me so uncomfortable because of how insanely jealous they were of Seolhyun the entire time. And poor Seolhyun was always checking the reactions of the other members... I felt so bad for her.

16. [+44, -1] I'm a fan myself but I bet they got into a lot fights when they're by themselves

17. [+45, -2] I had to actually login to leave a comment. Chanmi is a horrible person. I feel bad for Seolhyun after seeing today's episode... Seolhyun-ah, just throw a huge fight with the members and leave the group. Chanmi-ya, looks like you will be getting popular after all! For being a horrible person! Congratulations!

18. [+45, -3] Obviously the blanket is like a type of security blanket to Seolhyun, so mean of Chanmi to call it dirty

19. [+42, -2] What is wrong with the members? Seolhyun has had that blanket since she was a baby and Chanmi dares call it dirty?

20. [+39, -1] Poor group... they really aren't going to last much longer



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