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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hyun Bin aims to recover from his slump with two new works in the New Year

Article: Hyun Bin to comeback with a movie and a drama in 2017... washing off his slump since army discharge

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+2,007, -45] Hopefully he picked a good scenario this time, his past works since his discharge have been disappointments

2. [+1,681, -69] 'My Name is Kim Samsoon' and 'Secret Garden' were the jjang, hopefully he comes back with some more good works

3. [+1,182, -77] Wishing him the best for his recovery, fighting

4. [+1,143, -84] Hyun Bin is still 'Secret Garden' for me

5. [+804, -81] Every single one of his works since 'Secret Garden' have been failures though

6. [+238, -28] It's because he keeps picking roles that are the cool guy, nice guy type characters. He needs let go and stop trying to act so cool all the time.

7. [+115, -5] So sad that people don't even know he had 'Hyde Jekyll I' because it was such an utter failure

8. [+144, -16] Yeah, nothing has been working out for him right since his discharge;;



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