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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

TV: The Legend of the Blue Sea (Pilot)

Article: 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' Jun Ji Hyun x Lee Min Ho, the eye candy fantasy begins

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+9,384, -447] It is ridiculous how gorgeous Jun Ji Hyun is...

2. [+6,867, -03] Wow.. Jun Ji Hyun's husband is seriously so lucky ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ it must feel like he owns the world being married to her

3. [+5,589, -489] Jun Ji Hyun's gorgeous, Lee Min Ho's handsome! Fun drama

4. [+4,757, -417] How is it that Jun Ji Hyun is so daebak even without any lines? And the OST for this drama is jjang too. Love you, scriptwriter-nim ♡

5. [+1,911, -171] Pilot episode summary: Jun Ji Hyun is pretty no matter what she does

6. [+1,684, -158] Pilot episode summary: Jun Ji Hyun stuns you with her beauty every time you see her

7. [+1,575, -164] Jun Ji Hyun's beauty hard carried this... so gorgeous

8. [+1,494, -138] Spent an hour just in awe of Jun Ji Hyun's beauty. Even as a fellow woman, she's just so beautiful, sigh...

9. [+1,371, -142] Talk about real eye candy... I still don't have a feel for the drama yet but the visuals are top notch for sure.

10. [+793, -76] From start to finish, all I said throughout the episode was "Wow, Jun Ji Hyun's so pretty, what? how is she so pretty? are you kidding me? she's really that gorgeous? wow, she's so beautiful" the end.



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