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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

YG's stocks tank and hit all time low despite news of Psy and Black Pink's comeback

Article: YG's stocks fall head first despite Psy and Black Pink's comeback news... new all time record low

Source: Biz enter via Nate

1. [+878, -51] The answer's obvious when you look at the way Yang Hyun Suk's been running the company. AkMu and Lee Hi are so talented, why haven't they released anything in over two years?? Why is Winner left on the backburner, iKON too? And why does Black Pink get a new album just two months after their debut? Any other major agency wouldn't be running things the way YG is now... I'm not even a fan of these artists and it's frustrating to have to watch all of this go down, imagine how angry actual fans are...

2. [+691, -24] YG's been living in a bubble since Psy blew up under them. Now Psy's washed up and Big Bang's leaving for the army and Winner and iKON aren't really enough to make up for Big Bang yet so of course things are tough for them ㅎㅎ

3. [+562, -50] If you look closely, YG's idols aren't any different from other idols. It's because of Big Bang that YG tries to act like everyone's talented but most idol groups these days are about as good as YG's rookies too.

4. [+44, -13] I guess the glory days of making money off of druggies and car accident criminals are over. With Korean-Japanese relations worsening, their new rookies won't have that Hallyu buff to rely on while Big Bang is headed off to the army one by one ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+38, -1] But what's so amazing about Black Pink that YG's putting out another comeback for them so fast?

6. [+37, -0] It's over for YG once Big Bang leaves for the army. Winner and iKON lost their timing to fill in the void Big Bang will leave behind. Winner needed to have worked super hard on album promos last year to solidify their fandom and iKON took a hiatus this year too. Seventeen debuted at the same time as iKON but released way more albums and solidified a strong fandom. Everyone already knows that the top 3 male groups right now are EXO, BTS, and Seventeen. Once NCT joins the line-up next year, Winner and iKON won't have any room or fans left to gather... Even the fans they have now have left them for BTS and Seventeen. YG also should've focused on finishing Big Bang's MADE series before they leave. As for Black Pink... who cares if they eventually debuted when we don't even know for sure if their next album will be out by next year. YG needs to realize that these people are singers and all that matters is that they can sing on stage. Stop demanding them to produce their own albums and their own songs. That's your job, you're supposed to produce songs for them, not make the singer do it all themselves.

7. [+31, -2] YG's income is all based off of Big Bang so of course news of them prepping for the army is going to set off alarms in the stock market. Isn't 80% of YG basically Big Bang?

8. [+30, -3] The hell gates for YG will open once Big Bang leaves for the army. It's so obvious that YG's state as a company is a mess and that they were in no way ready for all of the actors they recently signed on. Let's see how they're going to handle those expenses without Big Bang. I wonder if they even have a management team for all those famous actors? They must've all cost a pretty penny to bring on too. Do they have vans, make up teams, coordi teams, and managers set up for all of them? And by the way, the current government is in scandal after scandal. I bet you that all of YG's drug secrets will come out since they no longer have politicians backing them anymore.

9. [+27, -0] Well that's what you get when you focus on everything but your main as a music agency and stupidly go into the restaurant business, games, launch clothing and cosmetic brands, etc. I've never seen a success story from a company that branched out like an octopus. Nonagon, Moonshot, Moon Lovers are all flops, and digital sales are all flops. And of course, stocks are tanking ^^

10. [+25, -0] Probably the worst company in terms of actually getting work done out of the top 3. I seriously wonder how YG's going to handle themselves once Big Bang leaves. SM and JYP continue to make and plan timely releases according to their own styles but YG's rookies don't get anything ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Do they think the public will care about an artist they choose to keep wrapped up and hidden forever? Sure they might get initial interest when they debut because they are a big company after all but it's the promos after that bring in fans...

11. [+25, -3] It's so pathetic how YG thinks they even stand a chance against Twice with Black Pink's comeback next week ㅋㅋㅋㅋ that's only going to cause their stocks to tank harder. Know your place, YG.

12. [+25, -0] It's YG's fault for not properly preparing for a future without Big Bang...

13. [+23, -0] What does YG have going for them other than Big Bang anyway

14. [+22, -2] The bubble has popped. YG has nothing other than Big Bang~ and their new groups are all just Big Bang copies.

15. [+20, -3] YG has lived in too big of a bubble for far too long... It would've been alright if Psy's post releases hit daebak but they did average at best... and now Big Bang's leaving for the army and YG doesn't have a follow up group to make up for their absence. Even Black Pink, for all the media play and fanfare that YG gave them, isn't doing as well as they probably expected...



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