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Sunday, October 9, 2016

tvN10 Awards

Article: Jo Jin Woong wins daesang, Kim Hye Soo wins actor award, 'Signal' rings victorious at tvN10 Awards

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+1,024, -17] I like how this ceremony doesn't have two stars winning the same award. And couldn't help but notice Hye Soo unni's amazing body when she went up to get her award!

2. [+899, -14] I loved seeing Kim Hye Soo unni fully enjoying herself at the ceremony. Congratulations to Jo Jin Woong for finally winning an award~~

3. [+858, -28] All of the awards have gone to the right people ㅎㅎ

4. [+122, -16] The awards may have looked fair but not to me... I'm glad that everyone deserving of one won one but I'm not sure why Seo Hyun Jin was given two awards while Park Bo Young and Im Siwan won nothing. I also didn't get why out of the three seasons of 'Reply', all of the awards went to the '88 season... what about Go Ara and Jung Woo?

5. [+104, -9] But why didn't Im Siwan win anything? 'Misaeng' was the best, this is quite confusing...;;;;

6. [+102, -1] Sad that 'Misaeng' didn't win much... it's such a good drama ㅠㅠ ha...

7. [+88, -3] As a viewer, I want to give an award to the directors of this entire ceremony. Such a clean style of handing out awards with modernized CG and a free flowing, festivity-like environment. Probably the best ceremony atmosphere I've seen.

8. [+87, -5] If you're going to give daesang to 'Reply 1988', might as well give it to the entire series as a whole... Hyeri was the only one shown all ceremony long. Do they not realize 'Reply 1988' was successful off of the backs of the two previous seasons? And why didn't Park Bo Young win anything?

9. [+79, -1] tvN is so bad at taking care of the 'Misaeng' team;;; Seems they've forgotten which drama it was that actually helped build tvN's image

10. [+75, -6] Romcom should've gone to Jung Yumi... seems they only gave out awards to those attending, like some certain public broadcast ceremonies.


Source: Naver

1. [+9,711, -172] I liked that the ceremony genuinely started off as a celebration but after seeing who the awards were given to, it seems that tvN was prioritizing only the most recent dramas. The whole reason the recent dramas had great viewer ratings was because earlier dramas like 'I Need Romance', 'Nine', 'Reply 1977', 'Let's Eat', 'Kapdong', 'Misaeng', etc helped build the channel up.

2. [+7,591, -122] I started watching tvN because of 'Misaeng'... sad that it didn't win as much as I thought it would ㅜ

3. [+7,429, -138] Im Siwan won nothing ㅜㅜ... should've won something for 'Misaeng'

4. [+5,895, -131] What about 'Misaeng'!!!!!!??

5. [+4,361, -370] Both Jo Jin Woong and Lee Seo Jin are deserving of daesangs

6. [+2,148, -67] Can't believe Jang Geurae won nothing, 'Misaeng' was left on the back burner

7. [+1,969, -61] tvN really can't get away with not giving Im Siwan anything ㅋㅋ

8. [+1,640, -45] Feels like all of the awards went to all of the recent dramas...



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