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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tony reminisces about his past 'non'-dating scandals

Article: Yang Se Hyung mentions ex-girlfriend Hyeri to Tony Ahn "We're still close"

Source: Newsen via Nate

"When I was in HOT, I never got into any dating scandals. When the members started getting into one or two, I began going on public dates too. I'd eat out and drink where people could see me but they would never develop into dating scandals. I liked it at first but then it made me sad because I thought it was because I was the least popular member with Lee Jae Won. Everyone was getting into dating scandals except me so I thought I wasn't popular enough. I later met some journalists and asked why they didn't write about me and they said they knew but didn't write anything because they adored me. They knew all of the names of the people I had dated."


1. [+1,134, -38] You have to admit Hyeri got a lot of public recognition out of dating Tony..

2. [+937, -29] Their relationship was a win win for both sides. Hyeri got public recognition, Tony got Hyeri's youth ㅋㅋ

3. [+601, -68] That 16 year age gap really did seem wrong though ㅡㅡㅋ

4. [+112, -3] Ah, the days when everyone was like "Who's Hyeri?" ㅋㅋ

5. [+89, -9] It's thanks to Tony that Girl's Day's public recognition shot up.. They got so big off of that scandal that I remember a TV show revealing rookie girl group agencies lifting dating bans and telling them that they should date a man like Tony who can shoot them to fame if they're going to date at all. Their relationship definitely was a win win.

6. [+63, -25] A lot of Girl's Day's fame is thanks to Tony

7. [+50, -7] Yup, I didn't find out about Girl's Day and Hyeri until Tony

8. [+36, -55] I wouldn't say it's entirely Tony~ even after Hyeri broke up with Tony, she barely got any work until she got huge off of 'Real Men'
- Do you honestly think Hyeri would've even been cast on 'Real Men' if not for her fame off of Tony?
- No one knew Hyeri back then, it was Minah who was the face of the group
- Hyeri would've had 0 chance to get cast on 'Real Men' if not for Tony
- What're you talking about? Hyeri went from being a nugu to media play calling her Tony's girlfriend every day

9. [+28, -15] Gross watching grown men gossip about the young girls they dated in the past

10. [+21, -27] When Minah was throwing herself out there on variety shows to get the team some fame, Hyeri did it at once by just dating Tony...



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