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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

[Pann] Nam Taehyun and Ryeo Won's "lovestagrams" clarified

Pann: Ryeo Won and Nam Taehyun dating for a year?? (here's the breakdown)

Summary of the clarifications behind their 'lovestagram' posts, explaining that the two began following each other on Instagram through a mutual acquaintance with a photographer named 'jdz', whom Nam Taehyun is especially close with. Most of their overlapping posts such as movies and music suggestions are actually common titles ('Carol', 'Youth') posted by several other celebrities.

Posts in question such as this one were posted 59 weeks apart (a year and 3 months):

'Carol' was also posted by T-ara Hyomin who is also friends with Nam Taehyun on Instagram, and initial rumors had said that those two were dating since Hyomin posted it before Ryeo Won:

'Youth' was also a popular movie in the art world with several other celebrities like Yoo Ah In also posting about it:

Over the past year (of their alleged relationship), Ryeo Won has spent her birthday and Christmas with close friends. She also spent a considerable time abroad in Australia with her friends, which leaves barely any time for her to be "dating" Nam Taehyun:


1. [+117, -1] Yup, these were all just made up rumors. It's hopeless how the journalists are spreading it all and how YG isn't responding to the rumors either. A look at Nam Taehyun's drawings show what a difficult time he's been going through.

2. [+115, -1] It's ridiculous how antis are insisting that they must be dating when Ryeo Won herself is saying they're not ㅋㅋ

3. [+108, -1] Not like I believed it anyway ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+25, -0] He's going through hard times already, don't be like this to him. Can't imagine how upset his fans must feel having to go through this as well.

5. [+21, -0] I'm so jealous of Ryeo Won's agency. An agency is obligated to protect and care for their artists so why is YG just leaving Nam Taehyun out to dry? Do they not know why he's under psychological difficulties right now? Yang Hyun Suk, do you enjoy putting out a sick kid to take all of the hate like this while evading your own responsibilities?



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