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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jung Jun Young chooses to forgive A for slander

Article: 'Acquitted' Jung Jun Young forgives A, "Will not be suing her for slander"

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+1,621, -294] I personally like how he handled all of this. It's very in line with the personality he's shown us on TV. He opened a press conference immediately after his controversy erupted and when the public continued to attack him, he readily agreed to take himself off of all of his TV shows. Even after he was later acquitted, he let it all pass as cleanly as possible. He's suffered a lot through this ordeal and I wish him luck in the future.

2. [+1,315, -213] I feel bad for him. The video in question wasn't even sexual or a hidden camera. He was asked to submit his phone for evidence, which he did... but his image is still tarnished and he's taken off of all of his shows.

3. [+1015, -132] Over the weekend, I was drinking at a bbq pub and I overheard a bunch of ajummas and ajusshis talking about the 'Jung Jun Young sex tape' and they were all going crazy saying they saw it too and that it was really erotic when the video doesn't even exist... so many people actually believe a rumor someone made up. Jung Jun Young never recorded such a video, and even after he's been acquitted, people still think that he did something wrong... slander really is murder of character...

4. [+24, -8] Is he being a saint

5. [+24, -14] Sigh, it's because people always let them off with slander like this that women looking for a quick buck keep getting in the media

6. [+22, -12] Literally just a two second video that wasn't a hidden camera or a sex tape. And when people made a fuss that he wasn't submitting his phone for evidence, it was because the police didn't even ask him to ㅋㅋ poor Jung Jun Young's the victim in all of this.

7. [+17, -7] He's always been an honest person on TV and he's ending his scandal in the same manner. I do feel so bad for him.

8. [+13, -7] Netizens shouldn't be blaming the woman right now. It's not the woman who is responsible for his downfall but all of you netizens who pulled him down and hated on him without the facts and demanded that he be taken off all of his shows. 300% of the blame goes to you netizens and the journalists.

9. [+11, -0] His image is tarnished but if all of this was a misunderstanding, I think he can recover his TV career still...



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