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Friday, October 7, 2016

Ailee rates her singing skills 100 points out of 10

Article: 'Sketchbook' Ailee, "I rate my singing skills 100 points out of 10"

Source: 10asia via Naver

1. [+1,594, -78] But why is her new album the same as every other album... I really don't get why her agency is keeping such great vocal skills limited to one style

2. [+1,287, -141] I agree!~~~ A great singer indeed, with a great personality to boot!

3. [+860, -75] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I read it wrong and thought she said 10 points out of 100, eh??

4. [+784, -112] Ailee's vocal skills are the best ㅠㅠ always a must listen!!

5. [+639, -103] ㅋㅋ Thank you for the ear candy, I agree with the 100 points out of 10!

6. [+182, -8] Everything's great and all but her album styles are too similar. Her song qualities aren't bad but just boring, and I think that's why the public is losing interest

7. [+165, -17] 100 point vocals, 0 point agency direction..

8. [+144, -17] She shouldn't focus only on vocal skills and think about how to make the public want to not only listen to her songs but sing along for the next 5, even 10 years. Why does she think people always say that they get tired of her songs after a few listens?? Because she has no public appeal. Think of Gummy, for example. She's a super good singer, 100 point vocal skills. She even has public appeal. Get some drinks in some women and they'll all be singing about their ex-boyfriends at the karaoke while crying and singing along to Gummy's songs. That's the kind of public appeal I'm talking about.

9. [+133, -14] She has great skill indeed but her vocals aren't the type that I want to listen to for hours on end. A song isn't just about showing off how skilled you are at singing.

10. [+136, -16] Ailee and Hyorin have the same thing in common: they have great high notes but their vocal tones aren't the type that you can listen to on repeat.



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