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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tiffany updates her Instagram story for Hyoyeon's birthday

Article: Tiffany, done with reflection? Back to SNS one month after flag controversy

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+1,222, -186] What reflection's over? She hasn't been promoting at all. It's not like putting up a birthday message for your friend on Instagram means you're back to promoting.

2. [+701, -214] It's Hyoyeon's birthday today which is why she wrote 922 and she didn't put up a  new post on Instagram. It's called stories and you can send a message to the members that'll delete itself after a day.
- Stories is a part of Instagram, it's still updating it
- If she wants to congratulate her birthday so bad, why not just call her... hasn't even been that long since reflection tsk tsk
- Soshi best replies are 100% manipulated. Go look at their IDs and see their comment history. What they do have hundreds upvote one ID.

3. [+606, -212] She didn't make an Instagram post, she put it up on her stories and wrote #922 for Hyoyeon's birthday. It goes away after a day.

4. [+98, -45] What's funny is that she could've just called or texted her member the birthday message. After all that hate she got over her SNS controversy, she's still doing what got her in trouble in the first place

5. [+85, -43] Airheaded b*tch

6. [+79, -42] Slowly getting ready to crawl out

7. [+71, -39] It's Hyoyeon's birthday, then she should send a text message to her, why post something up to everyone? Does she have a brain?

8. [+62, -52] She doesn't know what a reflection actually is..

9. [+57, -58] Ehh, let's not put her down for sending a birthday message to her own member. If she didn't do stuff like this, people would make up rumors about discord and stuff.

10. [+50, -34] Yeah but does she have to put up a message that gets deleted after a day anyway? It's so obvious what she's thinking here... just further evidence that she still doesn't get it.

11. [+45, -53] Does she not know how to say happy birthday other than through SNS..

12. [+43, -41] She posted 922 because it's Hyoyeon's birthday. It must be upsetting for Hyoyeon's fans to see this be problematic.

13. [+42, -32] What is even inside that head of hers?

14. [+42, -58] She already wrote two apologies and hasn't been doing anything since taking herself off of TV shows. Even the ba$tards who've worn the imperial flag on TV are promoting just fine still without even an apology. I've never seen a reflection this big over something that isn't even a drunk driving, marijuana, or gambling scandal.

15. [+31, -28] Instagram stories is still considered SNS activity, what are the best replies talking about? Gotta give it to SM fans to be able to shield anything



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