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Monday, September 12, 2016

Suzy shows that she still practices dancing on her off time

Article: Suzy keeps up with dance practice still... "For fun today"

Source: Star Today via Nate

1. [+888, -134] Can't she just go solo? I think she has enough potential to succeed as a solo. She can sing, she's pretty, she's a hard worker... I support her

2. [+681, -102] As the saying goes, only the prepared can catch opportunities. It's just "for fun" today but it's effort like this that adds up in the end to create bigger opportunities...

3. [+541, -87] I wish she'd come out with a solo

4. [+72, -16] I think she personally loves singing and dancing. It's great considering that she's a singer. It'd be a good idea for her to come out with a dance solo.

5. [+67, -19] Such a hard worker, she never takes a break does she

6. [+65, -16] Isn't it about time that she comes out with a solo now? I'm pretty sure she's a decent singer too. Is JYP not giving her a solo because it requires investment on their end whereas movies and dramas requires nothing from them? Considering all that Suzy has made them, I think they should invest and give her a solo.

7. [+62, -24] She's a top star now without any scandals and yet she still works so hard, even on her dancing... it's amazing, and she's deserving of the position she's raised herself to.

8. [+59, -17] Look at her body line... and her face is so tiny too, so pretty

9. [+58, -13] Wasn't Suzy the most stable member of miss A in terms of talent too?

10. [+56, -19] Suzy really works hard at life

11. [+47, -17] Suzy solo!!

12. [+40, -9] I really want her to put out at least one solo



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