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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sungso is surprised at her newfound fame

Article: [Interview] Sungso, "I'm surprised at the hot reactions... I was injured while rehearsing for 'IAC' too"

Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Naver

1. [+3,088, -144] There are just so many things that she's good at, I think that's why she was able to dominate the search rankings and get even more popular

2. [+2,760, -165] She didn't get popular off of media play but purely because she did so well in everything that she showed. I hope that she does even better in the future.

3. [+2,475, -190] I honestly see Sungso getting as big as the next Bora or Victoria... the problem now is whether Cosmic Girls can ride off of this fame and get popular as a group too

4. [+1,835, -131] She really is the live action version of Chun Li

5. [+1,479, -218] I thought she was a bit overshadowed by Sana on 'Happy Together' but now I totally see her as an individual now ㅎ

6. [+181, -19] If she doesn't want to end up like her seniors, she needs to stay off of SNS

7. [+168, -22] Her group needs to get popular as a whole with a hit song... because I noticed that popularity for idols who get huge for anything other than a hit song doesn't last very long. If you're a real Sungso fan, go listen to songs by Cosmic Girls

8. [+135, -11] It's because there are idols like Sungso who manage to get huge off of shows like 'IAC' that they never take that show off air

9. [+128, -9] You really need to be like Girlfriend or Twice where your group gets popular off of a hit song in order to do well... Sungso alone cannot carry Cosmic Girls

10. [+103, -11] It makes me nervous when I see members do well on their own outside of their groups... you see cases like Sugar, miss A, or DIA where it's just one member and the rest are.. ㅠㅠ

11. [+79, -5] Not sure what will happen if only Sungso gets popular and Cosmic Girls doesn't... SISTAR managed to overcome it when Bora started getting popular on 'IAC' by putting Hyorin on 'Immortal Song' and then putting them in a unit together so that all of SISTAR could do well. I think Cosmic Girls should put Yeonjung on 'Immortal Song' instead of only pushing Sungso... start supporting the other members too.

12. [+78, -6] Victoria got popular in the same way but now look at her ㅋㅋ

13. [+102, -17] I took a closer look at Cosmic Girls because of Sungso and noticed that they also have Yoo Yeonjung and even EXY who was on 'Unpretty'~~ do well! I'm listening to your song now and it's good

14. [+80, -10] Reminds me of Cao Lu shooting to fame a couple months ago... and it only took a moment for her to lose it all

15. [+98, -19] I really hope Sungso isn't one of those sinocentric stars!!!!

16. [+71, -11] Don't betray us like Victoria, Fei, and Cao Lu did... I hope she becomes like Tang Wei, who receives the infinite love of Koreans

17. [+31, -0] It doesn't matter how much popularity Sungso is building because there are just too many members in Cosmic Girls. If they don't start pushing unit promos, the group as a whole will flop. I don't even know what their CEO was thinking making such a huge girl group when they're not even a boy group that can handle such numbers. Maybe he couldn't cut some trainees because he grew attached to them or something..

18. [+46, -6] She needs to get popular off of a hit song. Her fame right now isn't based off of a hit song at all but people praising her for having a stunning body. How far do you think popularity based off of your body is going to take you? Look at all the stars who got famous for their bodies.. Clara, Yang Jung Won, Ye Jung Hwa.. we already have too many of them.

19. [+35, -3] Cosmic Girls is currently #150 on the digital chart. Your popularity is only a bubble if you get famous for your body and not for your song.

20. [+16, -2] Sungso's problem is that she got stuck with a sinking group