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Monday, September 19, 2016

Hangeng reveals he got in contact with Leeteuk for a 10th anniversary reunion

Article: Hangeng, "I wanted to get back with Super Junior... I had a call with leader Leeteuk"

Source: TV Report via Naver

"I had a phone call with an SM friend and leader Leeteuk. Since it's been 10 years, I told him that I'd like it if all of Super Junior's members could get together to release a single and promote with that album for half a year. It wasn't for any other reason than to celebrate 10 years together. I wanted to make a memory for myself and the other members of our 10 years since debut and planned a concert too. But the members were too busy. I was really upset about that."


1. [+3,422, -67] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Looks like things aren't going well for him these days? Is he out of cash?

2. [+2,118, -54] And why do you think you deserve that...?

3. [+1,445, -49] Go home

4. [+1,114, -30] He's surely crazy? Now that he's older, running out of cash, and has no popularity in China, he thinks he can crawl back to Korea

5. [+325, -19] If you really want to get back with Super Junior so bad, you can start a duet with Kangin..

6. [+265, -8] Looks like his popularity in China has run its course

7. [+261, -12] You're out of cash, aren't you? ㅋㅋ

8. [+222, -8] Do you think this group is something so easy that you can walk in and walk out of? Are the members fools to put up with that?

9. [+215, -9] He's ridiculous...

10. [+183, -2] If Leeteuk said he was busy, you should get the point and move on

11. [+186, -6] I wonder if he has any shame?

12. [+180, -6] Why if it isn't the original SM traitor???

13. [+178, -7] Hul~ you left just like that and now you want some 10th anniversary reunion???? Ridiculous!!!!!!!

14. [+131, -2] Super Junior is already 'united', you're the one who left ㅋㅋㅋ don't talk as if the group is disbanded and has anything to reunite

15. [+107, -2] Not like SM would ever allow it anyway



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