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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Han Ye Seul renews contract with Key East Entertainment

Article: Han Ye Seul renews contract with Key East 'special loyalty'

Source: E-Daily via Naver

1. [+2,447, -58] Isn't this instance Key East being loyal?? Because she hasn't done anything special since she first contracted with them;;;

2. [+1,819, -64] Shouldn't Han Ye Seul be grateful considering she barely promotes with them? Ever since that scandal, at least..

3. [+1,621, -44] Loyal of Key East....

4. [+1,088, -35] Nothing loyal about this... their conditions just happen to match up so why not make it a contract~

5. [+1,065, -58] Even if she leaves as a free agent, what company would want her? She's caused a lot of scandals. This contract renewal is more beneficial for Han Ye Seul than the company.

6. [+266, -12] When I hear her name, all I think about is her running away mid-drama and that time she bumped into some ajusshi's car in a parking lot and refused to get out of her car until the end.

7. [+246, -13] Isn't she a has-been yet? Her popularity's not like it used to be

8. [+197, -4] She has no company that will take her in anyway, who would want her ㅡ all of her dramas flop one after the other, she's hopeless

9. [+177, -3] Key East is the loyal one for the renewal

10. [+171, -4] Han Ye Seul should be grateful to Key East



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