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Saturday, August 27, 2016

TV: Unpretty Rap Star 3

Article: 'Unpretty Rap Star 3' promised to change the hip hop scene but only brought disappointment

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+626, -19] The show was frustrating at first because of Yook Jidam but now it's because of Ha Jooyeon...

2. [+542, -30] I think Janie needs to admit that she's bad, I stopped watching because of her and Ha Jooyeon

3. [+440, -8] The season is lacking unique people like Jessi and Cheetah

4. [+364, -2] Viewers have higher standards now because of 'Show Me the Money' but all these so called female rappers don't have any real talent and are obviously only on the show to get attention for other reasons

5. [+207, -4] I watched up to the diss battles and now it's plain boring ㅋ

6. [+58, -3] The first two seasons were good but the third is lacking in standard compared to the first two. And it's not like we're seeing new rappers we haven't discovered yet but the same old names which doesn't make it as fun anymore.

7. [+49, -1] They're rappers who can't rap, it's boring to watch. They're boring tryhards.

8. [+38, -1] Ha Jooyeon needs to clarify why she completely ripped off Jewelry's 'Rhythm Ha' lyrics in the 'SMTM' vs 'Unpretty' battle. She didn't even write the lyrics but copied every single word written by another rapper. Has she not written anything of her own in the past 8 years?

9. [+53, -6] That Janie kid is not only untalented but has nothing to do with rap to begin with. Yook Jidam is so self obsessed with her looks, caking on the make up and dressing so tacky. Ha Jooyeon is just your typical unemployed loser who can't even rap.

10. [+36, -1] Top 2 hopeless rappers: Ha Jooyeon who tries to act like the senior when she can't even rap, Janie with her whiny tonality

11. [+40, -3] Why is Janie still on this show, I can't bear to watch because of how bad she is...

12. [+49, -7] The only ones worth watching this season are Yuna Kim and Nada..



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