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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

NCT127 reveals they found their name strange at first too

Article: NCT127, "We found our team name difficult at first too"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,174, -194] All those oppas in that group can disappear but NCT as a group will still exist with new members and new units. I guess their fans like that?

2. [+997, -71] I still don't think their system is going to work. There are members who still haven't debuted yet, do you really think they want to go overseas to promote... and they don't even count the U unit members as an official debut yet either..;

3. [+695, -76] So how do you even pronounce NCT127? All in Korean numbers or English numbers?

4. [+125, -14] I wish they'd just pick a set, fixed number of members. 9 fixed members with the two from NCT U would be great... It's going to be so hectic with members leaving and new members joining.

5. [+92, -10] As nugu as you want to call this group, I assure you that they're going to be huge in two years no matter what... that's just the power of SM.

6. [+91, -10] All of SM's groups struggled to get their concepts recognized at the beginning... they all have unique concepts. You get used to it after a while and it's not such a big deal after that ㅋ

7. [+95, -13] Taeyong must be some super talent...... his scandal's big enough for him to get cut but he keeps coming out... and as center position, at that.

8. [+45, -3] NCT127 is the Seoul team and NCT U switches out members depending on the song concept. The members explained it on radio yesterday.

9. [+52, -6] I heard on the news that China's going to start restricting Hallyu now. Makes me think Lee Soo Min was thinking ahead by creating NCT to spread out all over the world... even if China restricts Hallyu, SM will still be sending idols to Thailand and Japan.

10. [+128, -32] SM has come out with some unique idol group concepts that have all gotten hate at first because people didn't know what was going on but they're all successful now. Starting with BoA, SM got hate for turning a teen into a product to even HOT, who people said encouraged teens to rebel. TVXQ got crap for their weird name, Super Junior got called a copycat of Japanese idol groups, SNSD got criticized for pushing an appearance based agenda, f(x) for their bizarre music, Red Velvet for their even more bizarre music, and of course EXO... eventually they all succeeded, which is what makes SM scary as much as they are amazing.

11. [+39, -5] I really do think the NCT system was created by SM as a way of getting around the restrictions China is placing on Hallyu. They can just create an all Chinese version of the group and have them promote freely there while the Seoul team gets free promos without having to promote in China since they're under the same name anyway.



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