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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Gain to have a solo comeback next month

Article: [Exclusive] BEG Gain confirms solo comeback for early September "finished recording new track"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,004, -43] Gain's solo songs have always been fresh and full of variety, wishing her success this time as well~~

2. [+645, -27] I hope BEG will have a comeback with a good song too!

3. [+604, -25] 'Step 2/4' from her first solo album is an awesome song. 'Irreversible' is great too.

4. [+493, -27] All of Gain's solo songs have been great. 'Tinkerbell' especially was good.

5. [+114, -13] 'Bloom' was a good song too, can't wait for her new songs

6. [+86, -3] I normally don't like songs by female singers but I really enjoyed 'When It Turns 12'. I wish she'd stop doing sexy concepts and release a lot of songs that really showcase her vocal talent.

7. [+84, -8] I like that Gain's solos always have a story to them and they're high quality too

8. [+83, -8] Good singer, great performances, can't wait! Wow, can't believe her last solo was last March... time flies



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