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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fei for 'Bazaar'

Article: "The true sexy back"... Fei's sexy beauty

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+455, -32] She still didn't leave Korea yet? Please go back to China, we don't want to deal with petty people like you

2. [+397, -17] Why oh why did she have to say something so unnecessary

3. [+327, -15] Nevermind this sexy back, go back to China

4. [+25, -7] Not like she's popular anyway, she should go back to China too

5. [+19, -2] Send her back to China. Hwang Chi Yeol was edited out of Chinese shows, we should give Chinese stars the same treatment here.

6. [+14, -0] Korean stars are being edited out or taken off of Chinese shows right now, please get rid of these ch*nks from our TV shows too ㅡㅡ

7. [+13, -0] Go back to China

8. [+11, -0] Have Fei, Cao Lu, Victoria, and Lay still not screwed off back to China? I'm so sick of these ch*nks

9. [+10, -1] After Jia left, so many people were supporting Fei... but all in one moment, that's crumbled....



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