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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Black Pink finally make their official debut on 'Inkigayo'

Article: 'Inkigayo' Black Pink finally unveiled 'impressive girl crush'

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+898, -222] They're a rookie group and yet didn't have to go through the usual process of performing live and only put out a pre-recorded performance;;; they didn't even sing live either, sounds like it was pre-recorded... and their visuals are so different from how they look in their MV so;

2. [+882, -234] They're not the type of group that men would like, they all have very strong impressions; and if they're a rookie group, they should be performing on live broadcast but all of it was pre-recorded... talk about special treatment perks

3. [+795, -160] Their performance was AR, they didn't perform live it was basically lip synced ㅋㅋ If they performed live, they should've broadcast that version, why put out the AR-riddled version and pretend it's live on broadcast?

4. [+90, -29] I think 4-5 members is perfect, way better than huge groups where members only sing one or two lines and go to the back to dance

5. [+82, -48] They're all talented and pretty, not sure why people are hating. Every company has a different style so why put them down over something as subjective as style? It's not a rule that girl groups need to be innocent looking

6. [+74, -43] Honestly there's a huge skill gap between them and the other current girl groups. I think they have what it takes to make it overseas too.

7. [+69, -39] They're a bubble

8. [+65, -31] I like them... I like 'Whistle'

9. [+57, -34] YG is so obsessed with that "I'm so hard" image... I'd rather a rookie show some rookie char but anyone can tell right off the bat that this group is from YG and they don't feel like rookies at all.. just look like tryhards trying to look cool. The beat of the song doesn't even need that type of image. I'm glad at least the two on the left were smiling..

10. [+53, -31] I'm a man ㅜ and I think they're a style that men would like too. They're pretty, way prettier than their MV. If this group isn't considered pretty, then what is??? And for a group you all keep claiming isn't popular, they've been #1 on the charms for days now so stop hating you SM fans.


Source: Naver

1. [+375, -14] I knew they had this certain feel to them even though they're rookies and I Found out they're from YG

2. [+338, -22] Jisoo's so pretty, she's going to be the one top visual of girl groups soon

3. [+303, -15] I became their fan ㅋㅋㅋㅋ super cute, super pretty group

4. [+264, -15] They proved to be different!!!!

5. [+236, -15] Pretty and talented, YG delivers once again

6. [+71, -4] Rose's gorgeous... I never noticed her in the MV but she's amazing on stage

7. [+59, -4] Wow their live, I thought they were lip syncing

8. [+57, -4] Rose's pretty, let's do well Black Pink!



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