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Monday, July 25, 2016

Students participate in a studying program for 30 hours

Article: 'Studying hard for 30 hours'

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

Students from a women's high school in Busan are participating in a program called '30 Hours of Changing Myself' that is modeled after an ancient saying that "studying is not about using your brain but using your butt". Participating students are required to study in their seat from 7 am to 10 pm for 15 hours in this two day program, for a total of 30 hours of in-seat studying.

1. [+540, -71] I thought this picture was from China for a second. But... does sitting in your seat for a long time guarantee that you'll know what you're studying? What is the point of this?

2. [+359, -40] Focus is so important when you're studying... we all know that forcing yourself to sit in your seat for that long doesn't mean that you'll necessarily be studying well. Why does our country still insist on outdated methods like this? It's the most ineffective way to study.

3. [+338, -58] Amazing. I truly believe that their efforts will come back to reward them. Effort never betrays you...

4. [+27, -4] Do you guys honestly think this is sane? Having them sit like robots and shove information into their heads like this? Korea, we need to change our way of thinking. We can't let ineffective methods like this be glamorized in the media.

5. [+22, -5] Studying is not relative to how long you sit there. Studying is relative to your focus. Physical labor like moving bricks is relative to time but studying is not like physical labor at all. Sitting for as long as you can while lacking sleep is not an effective method.

6. [+19, -1] Studying using your brain for 1 hour > studying on your butt for 30 hours

7. [+12, -0] There can't be another country like us

8. [+12, -2] Are they serious about the studying with your butt part ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+10, -1] It's not like any of you guys are doing it, these girls voluntarily signed up to do it so at least show some support instead of putting them down

10. [+6, -0] Are we seriously doing this in the 21st century right now;;



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