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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Seolhyun looks chic in black at the airport

Source: Dispatch via Nate

1. [+482, -166] Example of a star whose image was totally ruined

2. [+394, -146] She disappeared so quickly after her new album

3. [+190, -78] She might look lovely on the outside... but her brain is rotten... Ito Hirobumi~~

4. [+165, -151] Ito Hirobumi

5. [+47, -33] Whoa, she has shorter legs than I thought

6. [+42, -24] I am only reminded of Kinddokkang

7. [+28, -12] When people were saying all that stuff about her media play, I just thought it was what it was but seeing how articles about her got so quiet after her scandal makes me think it really was media play all along... and here she is back now that things have quieted down.

8. [+26, -6] South East Asian looking girl with butt pads 


Source: Daum

1. [+560, -136] Tin can for brains

2. [+558, -142] Kinddokkang?

3. [+503, -119] So has she studied history!? 

4. [+270, -55] People are over her now... so she better get to studying before she comes back. And take the Korean history exam too.

5. [+265, -50] Pisses me off that dumb kids like her can make as much money as they can. Rocks for brains but reliant on their pretty faces and bodies.

6. [+261, -46] Doesn't even know who Ahn Joong Geun is

7. [+221, -40] I was wondering why she was so quiet lately

8. [+216, -41] Is the media play back again, so tiring



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