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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Same dress, different feel: Suzy and Lee Sung Kyung

Article: [Same CLothes Different Feel] Suzy vs Lee Sung Kyung's romantic one piece battle

Source: Dispatch via Daum

1. [+739, -290] Suzy wins ^^

2. [+446, -99] How is she so stick thin... there's probably nothing to look at in real life

3. [+273, -21] Suzy has that actress feel, Lee Sung Kyung has that model feel

4. [+269, -122] Sorry but Lee Sung Kyung lost this one

5. [+161, -27] Look at the girl's legs in that pictorial. Might look pretty to women but... I'm totally against them

6. [+205, -72] Suzy does look classier...

7. [+251, -124] How can you compare that stick skinny cotton swab to Suzy?

8. [+169, -53] Suzy wins~! She looks lovely~! ^^

9. [+152, -47] Suzy's pictures aren't even from a pictorial but she still looks pretty

10. [+96, -31] I think both of them give off different charms. I personally like Lee Sung Kyung's for how effortless she looks but it's better to dress formally like Suzy for events and such.



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