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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Producer Peejay signs with YG the Black

Article: [Exclusive] YG the Black brings on Big Bang and Beenzino's producer Peejay

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+1,798, -154] YG is at least showing effort in fostering Korean grown talent by continuing to support Korean producers instead of relying on foreign composers. I support that about them.

2. [+1,012, -40] YG's sweeping everyone up~~

3. [+889, -57] I can't wait, he's going to produce some sick songs

4. [+712, -67] Peejay is considered Beenzino's soul partner. I wonder if this means Beenzino's going to switch from 1llionaire to The Black before he leaves for the army.

5. [+147, -30] Such a drastically different route from what SM's doing. SM always, always relies on foreign composers for their songs which is why their songs all sound so weird. Their songs are soulless, like they just slapped on some Korean lyrics on a foreign song. Songs like 'Growl' or 'Electric Shock' or 'Ice Cream Cake' have good melodies but end up sounding weird combined with Korean lyrics. YG, on the other hand, has a very Korean style of hip hop and R&B to their sound. Their Korean producers are a better fit to Korean sentiment and ultimately globalizing that sound (like songs like Gangnam Style).

6. [+71, -5] YG has so much talent but doesn't ever make use of them all. They could be putting out a song every fortnight with the amount of talent they have.

7. [+69, -8] YG's getting huge...

8. [+59, -5] I think Dean's going to join YG the Black once his contract with Universal expires ㅎㅎ or maybe High Ground, since all of the Eskimo members went there.



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