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Friday, July 29, 2016

Han Hyo Joo's acting controversy in 'W'?

Article: 'W' is on a roll... but Han Hyo Joo is the one error?

Source: Sports Donga via Nate

1. [+2,835, -547] Honestly, what's making me debate watching this drama is not her acting but because of her scandal with her dongsaeng. I've completely been disinterested in her since that whole thing and wondered if I could even focus on her drama with all that going on. I don't want to be those stupid people who start loving her as if that scandal never happened just because her drama's good. It's just the only thing preventing me from watching right now.

2. [+2,821, -482] Honestly, her acting relaly is awkward. I've never thought of her as a bad actor but it's weird in this drama specifically... she overreacts, especially when she's acting surprised. It's sitcom level, really. The plot is good so I'm watching it for that but Han Hyo Joo needs to fix her acting.

3. [+2,509, -359] I guess I wasn't the only one who felt that. Her acting is awkward to the point where I question if she's always been this bad.

4. [+254, -28] Putting Han Hyo Joo's dongsaeng issues aside, her acting really is bad... she tries too hard to look pretty like opening her eyes really wide when the scene doesn't really call for it. And when she acts out of breath, so over the top... I feel like I'm watching a theater performance at times ㅎㅎ

5. [+249, -41] The fact that she's the nuna of a murderer is the biggest obstacle of this drama

6. [+224, -44] I really would've watched this if not for Han Hyo Joo

7. [+196, -34] When did her acting get so bad? She was really good in her drama with Lee Seung Gi. Now she's so cringe, it's uncomfortable to watch.

8. [+168, -40] She really is awkward, I had to change the channel

9. [+148, -120] She's better than Suzy, that's the undisputable truth

10. [+133, -23] This isn't the only piece of work she's ruining... she had that movie too. What a shame~

11. [+115, -16] It's not only her acting that's controversial but her little brother and father too!

12. [+107, -29] It's not that she's bad at acting, just that her character doesn't match her and she's struggling to pull it off... so I haven't been watching...

13. [+101, -22] I really do wonder why they went with Han Hyo Joo for such a good drama like this ㅠ



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