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Monday, July 18, 2016

Fei releases more solo teasers, Park Jin Young shows support for his fifth muse

Article: From Park Ji Yoon to Sunmi to now Fei... Park Jin Young's NEW sexy muse

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+891, -73] If you're going to mention names at all, don't just mention Victoria, Fei, and Cao Lu but Zhou Mi and Lay too. Why do the last two always get left out when they're just as bad?

2. [+859, -84] The South China Sea is not your land

3. [+618, -53] Can't stand that she thinks that land is theirs... and the fact that she's a Chinese promoting in Korea and posting stuff like that is even more off putting...

4. [+486, -28] If only she never wrote that post...

5. [+442, -23] I watched her live stream for 'My Little TV' last week and the entire chat was being spammed with her China post ㅋㅋㅋㅋ her image has completely dropped to being super disliked

6. [+206, -11] I think it was rash of her to make that post especially with her comeback coming up. She's Chinese so I understand but I won't accept it just for that. You can't just claim someone else's land as yours because after the South China Sea will just be other territory too.

7. [+188, -20] What a pity~ I thought she was a humble celebrity but she's actually one of those senocentric Chinese? Goodbye~ I'm sure you'll have a career waiting for you in China.

8. [+167, -17] What do you mean she had no choice as a Chinese but to say that? She's in Korea and promoting in Korea, did she not realize that what she said would cause Koreans to turn against her? If she couldn't help but say it because she's Chinese, then she should be going back to China and promoting there.



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