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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Chen respectfully declines fan gifts

Article: "No more gifts please... your hearts are enough" EXO Chen's respectful declaration on fan gifts

Source: TV Reports via Nate

1. [+942, -22] Meanwhile another idol even puts up a picture begging his fans for gifts. Very respectful of Chen to say this.

2. [+838, -28] Chen didn't say it as a jab to that idol, he actually wrote this post a couple days ago. Please don't misunderstand just because you see EXO in the title.

3. [+603, -21] One of EXO's better members

4. [+56, -3] Kang Minhyuk's KO. I've always felt that Chen had a good head on his shoulders.

5. [+45, -2] Chen actually wrote this post before Kang Minhyuk's scandal broke out. But still, you can't help but compare the two ㅋ

6. [+45, -1] Yeah, it's probably a chore dealing with so many gifts anyway. Fans are better off buying their parents something yummy with that money instead.

7. [+38, -3] All of the EXO members are great but I find Chen the most likable. He's a good singer and has a good head on his shoulders, unlike a certain other idol.

8. [+36, -11] You're so different from that other idol Jongdae-ya ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. [+35, -3] I like Chen and Xiumin the most out of EXO. Anyone who has an eye for good people will know what I mean ㅋㅋ They both seem like good characters

10. [+34, -8] How respectful of him. Fans should listen and wake up to reality. Sending them gifts won't make them your husband. Buy your parents something nice instead.

11. [+32, -2] I first found out about him on 'Mask Best Singer' last year and he has a vocal tone that he was clearly born with. Even as a man I find him so cool so I can't imagine how crazy he makes women feel. I've always supported him since then by listening to his digital songs or watching his varieties!

12. [+29, -1] You really can't hate Chen ㅜㅜ



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