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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Behind the scenes of Fei's first solo stage

Article: [Starcast] Fei's "It's Okay It's Okay Fantasy" the set of her first broadcast!

Source: Naver via Naver

1. [+1,565, -140] Never cared for her to begin with but now I feel an even bigger distance between us after her statement on the South China Sea...

2. [+1,362, -85] Victoria, Fei, Cao Lu, Lay, Zhou Mi... the China line kids

3. [+1,217, -87] We have no need for a Chinese celebrity who thinks of another country's land as their own

4. [+1,300, -120] Her new album is a flop... she pissed too many people off, totally disliked now

5. [+1,073, -67] She has crossed a river she can't turn back from. All over a few keyboard strokes that she should've thought harder on.. tsk tsk.

6. [+843, -75] Sigh, she should've been more careful before her solo. Her song and choreography are alright...

7. [+853, -86] Go back to your country

8. [+784, -87] Fei looked better before the plastic surgery, why'd she do it...

9. [+700, -79] It's okay, it's okay, screw off back to your country~~

10. [+633, -69] Can we please kick all of the Chinese celebrities out. Ignore all of them so that they can't even make a cent in our country.



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