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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Song Joong Ki racks it up with CFs

Article: Over 20 CFs, 30 billion won, the 'descendants of CFs' Song Joong Ki

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+317, -81] He's everywhere that I don't really care for him anymore~~ every channel you flip to, he's either drinking a beer or cooking rice or eating ice cream...

2. [+224, -85] Money Joong Ki'

3. [+222, -97] He does't seem like the type to have a long running career like Won Bin

4. [+40, -6] I was absolutely crazy for 'Descendants of the Sun' but I feel like he shot way too many CFs as soon as his drama hit daebak and barely promoted in Korea while doing all sorts of weird shows in China. I get that you should row your boat while the water's in but... he just looks so greedy for money now and his image has been consumed too hard.

5. [+38, -5] I get that having a hit drama is an opportunity for a lot of celebrities to shoot CFs but Song Joong Ki's image seems to have been consumed up a lot faster than other celebrities;;; maybe because he looks the same no matter what he does?;;;;

6. [+29, -9] I think he can cut back on the Cfs for a bit

7. [+23, -6] It's great to take up every opportunity while you're popular but he's just doing too many CFs and focusing on China... barely any time to meet with his Korean fans so his image is off putting now.

8. [+23, -3] His image has been used up already through too many CFs

9. [+22, -5] The drama 'Descendants of the Sun' itself was popular more for Song Joong Ki's image than for the plot. That's why people are getting tired of his image now that the drama's over and the same image is all over CFs.

10. [+19, -5] Slowly getting tired of him

11. [+19, -7] He's everywhere you look, I'm getting bored of him ㅠ

12. [+17, -4] His image has been cheapened with how everywhere he is. He should've just done a variety appearance on 'Running Man' and cut back on the CFs.



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