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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Minzy models a mature new look for a pictorial

Article: Gong Minzy, looking more mature... but still charismatic

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+1,865, -68] Maybe because she's under Baek Ji Young's agency now but the styling looks like something Baek Ji Young would have

2. [+1,832, -71] She only got plastic surgery because you ba$tards always made fun of her!

3. [+1,088, -114] Not a concept that matches her... nothing unique and it doesn't fit her character~ hm

4. [+908, -42] YG has always had provocative and experimental concepts but never this outdated

5. [+597, -56] Honestly... hmm, the concept is... hmm...

6. [+118, -8] I think she matches baseball caps and leather jumpers than clothes like this...

7. [+112, -7] Her visuals aren't daebak and a lot of people don't know that she's talented so it's going to be hard for her on her own... but if she's going to do it at all, I wish her luck.

8. [+119, -11] Not a fan but I do wish her more success than those who tied her down during her youth

9. [+66, -0] Doesn't look like Gong Minzy, looks like someone else



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