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Monday, June 13, 2016

Kwon Jung Yeol under fire for inappropriate comment towards Mamamoo's Wheein

Article: "Inappropriate comment" video of girl group asking for blanket to cover legs under controversy

Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Daum

Mamamoo's Wheein asked for a blanket to cover her legs while she was sitting and 10cm vocalist Kwon Jung Yeol said, "That's discourteous to the males in the audience", which people found controversial and inappropriate.

1. [+1,304, -351] The excuse of "Wow~ people can't even make a joke anymore" first started being made when the term 'sexual harassment' was first coined in the 1970s. That means that men who still make that excuse haven't matured or advanced past that point still.

2. [+1,086, -267] I do think it was inappropriate of him to say that. I personally hate men who think like that.

3. [+530, -89] Women put blankets over themselves in case people can see up their skirts while they're sitting down. To say that covering her legs is discourteous to men means that she is obligated to show up her skirt in order to be courteous, which is sexual harassment. That's not something you say as a joke at all.

4. [+424, -55] I'm really sick of male public figures thinking sexual harassment is some type of witty humor

5. [+321, -37] Yeah, you really can't say something like that and pass it off as a joke

6. [+306, -29] Whoa... pretty rude of him to say that

7. [++238, -16] So if covering up is discourteous, is letting people see up her skirt being courteous then? Why should Wheein be subjected to that?

8. [+234, -15] Comments like that can never be considered a joke, especially if the other person feels harassed by it.

9. [+215, -14] He honestly is at fault for saying that

10. [+144, -14] That comment is sexual harassment. Would he still have laughed if his own wife or little sister was sitting there in a skirt and he told them not to cover their legs for the enjoyment of the male audience?



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